Sean Wilburn – We Shall March

We Shall March Cover 3

I wanted to announce that my latest song is available now.  Best of all is I’m giving it away for free to those who sign up to my mailing list.  Drop your name and email into the signup area and you’ll get an email link and password where to download it.

The song is called We Shall March and it was inspired by the recent events involving the confederate flag, racism and the horrible tragedies that have befallen upon black people here in the United States.

I hope you get some time to listen to the song and please share with your friends.  And don’t forget, it’s free for anyone who signs up on the mailing list.

If you just want to listen to it without downloading it, that’s fine also. You can use SoundCloud and play it here.  It will soon be available on digital music stores and streaming services, I will keep you updated when that hits.


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