My name is Sean Wilburn and when it comes to music, I’ve been two people.  I’m an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter and a Hip-Hop producer going by the name the Philosofer.  Both parts of me have a similar origin though, Oakland, California and a love for the funk.

I grew up with access to an extensive record collection and a record player where I would listen to songs like Lakeside’s Fantastic Voyage, Roger’s Many Faces of Roger and The Jackson 5’s ABC albums.  Years later, my family moved to Vallejo, CA but my thirst for music never subsided.  This was also the time when I started writing songs and, before I learned to play a single instrument, I had several notebooks full of complete tunes.

As I became older, I wanted to finish the music I was writing with music production so I began my journey to teach myself piano as well as how to produce music. Overtime, I ended up learning how to play the bass and the guitar, all in effort to improve the quality of my songs.

I wasn’t working alone in this time. I have had several songwriting partners and produced multiple artists while working on my own personal R&B music. This is the birth of the Philosofer as I began producing Entro, a hip-hop group comprised of my family members. The work we did here was a lot of fun and some of the songs can be heard on this page.

While I was producing Entro, I was also working on several albums to completion.  Over the years, I ended up with four or five albums worth of material but getting it released was a difficult task.  Now in this age of the internet and with the availability of broadband, independent and unsigned artists have the ability to make available music to an worldwide audience.  I’m taking this opportunity to share the music I’ve been composing over the years with the world.

My first release is called Right In Front of You.  It features my lead off single Satisfied and many other songs including Let Me Know, Happiness, Trip To Africa and My All.  Since then, I’ve released a Holiday single called Christmas With You and a new single Soulful Lady (Show Me).

My goal is to share all the music I’ve worked on. I’m very proud of what we created and I feel that if others listen to it, they will enjoy it as much as we do.  I hope that you get a chance to listen to some of the tunes and if you like them, let me know.

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