LTG’s Own Sean Wilburn’s New Album ‘Right in Front of You’ Has Been Released Digitally Worldwide

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I’m Sean Wilburn and I’m one of the writers for Along with writing for LTG and hosting a couple of our site’s podcasts, I’ve been going to a secret laboratory on the side to finish my first R&B / Soul album.  I’m happy to announce that my first album called Right in Front of You has been released and it is currently available for sale and streaming.  I’m very proud of this album and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Right in Front of You is a R&B album that harkens back to a generation or two ago.  Artist like New Edition, Babyface, Prince, Sade and Maxwell used to tear the airwaves and they are some of my influences which can be heard in the music. But the music is completely original, coming from the large round orb on my shoulders onto the internet’s ones and zeros in order to tickle some earbuds.

Those who interact with me on a daily basis know I tend to be an upbeat guy looking for more positive in the world rather than negative and that’s reflected in the songs.  My music is about love and relationships, not just sex. There are plenty of songs about sex on the radio today without me trying to add to the list.

Over the years I’ve been writing content, I’ve learned to express what’s in your heart through your music.  No fake image, no claiming to drive cars that you don’t have, non of that.  Just speak honestly through your music and let your voice be heard, which is something I believe is important.  The music on the album is very much so “me”.  That doesn’t mean it’s a documentary of my life, but rather stories that I’m sharing with you.

I’m very proud of the album Right in Front of You and it’s available now.  The album only cost $7 and it can be found on places like iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for purchase and it’s available for streaming on Spotify, Music Unlimited, Rdio and more.

I really hope that, whomever reads this and whatever music you listen to regularly, you take a second and check it out.  I would say I put a lot of work into it’s creation, but to be honest, I loved every second of the time I spent on it and that’s not work, that’s fun.

Below are store links for those who want to hear snippets.  If you stream music, just type in ‘Sean Wilburn’ and the full album will appear for you to enjoy.


Google Play

Thanks to all those who’ve supported me over the years.  A special thanks goes to Victor Bognot for the album artwork.

For those who use SoundCloud, here’s the player so you can steam the whole album and hear it in its entirety.

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