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The first official single I put out was called Satisfied and it was released December 25, 2012.  It was later included on the 2013 full release called Right In Front of You. Here are a couple of songs from that album. Listen to all the songs and get links to music stores here.

Here is the song Happiness, a song which I was fortunate enough to be considered for a Grammy.  Of course I didn’t get close to winning but that can be saved for another year. (crossing fingers)

Here’s a song called My All, also from Right In Front of You.  We’ll there’s no life changing story behind this songs, it is just one I really like.

Around the holiday’s, I released this song Christmas With You.
In preparation for the next full album release, I released the song Soulful Lady (Show Me) with the B-side of I Be Thinkin’.

The album 3 A.M. will be released soon and this page will be updated soon with new songs.

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